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12/31/10 10:20 am - alanahikarichan

98 Icons:
4 How To Train Your Dragon
12 Hogan's Heroes
- Pretty much entirely Marya.
62 MSPA/Homestuck
- Very varied, large amounts of Terezi and Gamzee.


12/8/10 09:12 pm - kirarakim - Richard Dawson revisits Newkirk on Match Game

Posted this on my personal journal but I thought some people here might be interested as well.

On Match Game last week there was a question involving Hogan's Heroes/Newkirk so we get to hear Dawson do his Newkirk voice again. Hogan's Heroes slash fans might also be amused by Richard's response (it looks like you guys might have some support from him XD). And of course I had to upload it on youtube.

There is also a second clip that has nothing to do with Hogan's Heroes but it involves Betty White and Richard Dawson and it is also quite amusing.

Embedded Video Behind CutCollapse )

11/7/10 12:18 pm - bratty_jedi - Quote Help - Group Mission Orders

Edit: Solved thank to rose_of_pollux. It is in the Season 3 episode The Inspector General if anyone else ever needs to know.

Anyone know where I can find the full quote of the group's overall orders? I know Hogan does the entire "Help downed fliers... blah blah... any and all things to disrupt the enemy... blah blah" thing a couple of times and I think at least one of them is fairly early on, but I don't remember exactly where it is and a quick googling didn't turn it up. Anyone know of someplace where it's been typed up or know an episode in which it is said so I can transcribe it?

10/31/10 09:51 pm - alanahikarichan - Happy halloween!

If anyone's interested in me blatantly showing off and picspamming like whoa Marya getting cosplayed for Halloween, I posted a bunch of pics on my LJ. :3
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9/25/10 09:28 pm - radoka - icons

For some reason this batch ended up with a lot of Newkirk icons. My favorite character is Carter so why don't I make more icons of him?

{fake-cut to the other fourteen icons}

x-posted to stalag_13

9/19/10 06:59 pm - angorianwolf - Anybody interested in joining my project?

Well, here's the gist of it. I got the idea while listening to the song 'If You Were Gay' from 'Avenue Q'. I thought it would be greatly amusing to make a Hogan's Heroes version of it. Only problem is I can't imitate Hogan's or Klink's voices. That's why I'm looking here to see if any of you are interested and are good at imitations of them. If so then please send me an audio clip of you doing one or both of their voices. Once I find people good for voicing them I can put together the song and send it to the person who will be making the video to go with it. I don't actually know much about editing audio though so if there is someone who would like to help put all the different parts of audio together that would also be most helpful. Please send any and all auditions either as messages or to the email I made specifically for the project: hogansheroesproject@gmail.com
If you have questions please comment.

8/8/10 08:23 pm - shorty_boing - I'll be there for you...

Hi there :)

Since I am not the only one around here who adores the friendship of Newkirk and LeBeau, I thought that maybe some of you might enjoy a mini fanvid of those two? It features the theme music of "Friends", even though it is not meant to be a homage to the original intro of the tv series, but rather a collection of some cute Newkirk/LeBeau moments, lol… This is my very first attempt at video editing, so… feel free to court-martial me ;P
Louis & Peter - Friends

And for those of you who are familiar with the Monkees… *cough* this was my second attempt ;)

7/31/10 09:54 pm - athena_crikey

The last written chapter, a summary of what would have been, and a few notes.

Title: Lines of Communication (3/unfinished)
Pairings/Characters: None; rather Carter-centric
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This is UNFINISHED, and likely to remain so.

Summary: Stalag 13 receives a wounded man and his guards, who demand his identity remain a secret. Hogan has no intention of acceding to that desire.

Chapter 3: 'How much do you know about code talkers, Carter?'Collapse )

A summary of the rest of the ficCollapse )

7/29/10 10:48 pm - athena_crikey

I recently ran a poll on my journal asking whether people were interested in fics that weren't finished, and weren't likely to be, and the general consensus seemed to be yes. It's been slow around here, and I've had this sitting on my computer for about half a year with no activity, so I thought I'd post it. If people are interested, there's another chapter, and I'd be happy to provide a summary of what would have happened if I were to, you know, finish it. ^^

Title: Lines of Communication
Pairings/Characters: None; rather Carter-centric
Rating: PG-13
Notes: This is UNFINISHED, and likely to remain so.

Summary: Stalag 13 receives a wounded man and his guards, who demand his identity remain a secret. Hogan has no intention of acceding to that desire.

Chapter 1: You're to get a glimpse of this mystery man at all costs.Collapse )
Chapter 2: This plan seemed stupider and stupider the more he thought about itCollapse )

6/21/10 08:15 am - lt_black_fire - intro and picspam

First of all, hello!
I'm new here. I've been a Hogan's Heroes fan for ages (particularly fond of Newkirk), and have recently rediscovered the show. I noticed that it was finally out on DVD here in Germany, and never looked back.
I love fanfic (writing on ff.net as 'Amy Greenhouse' atm), and am dying to make a Hogan's Heroes fanvid - but right now, I don't have the software I'd need to do that. So for now, here are some screencaps and a potential fanfic challenge:

Herein!Collapse )

Anyway...have a nice Monday everybody!

5/4/10 10:47 pm - athena_crikey - Seriously, why do I not have any Carter/Newkirk icons?

It's been dead around here recently, and I was cleaning out my fic folder and found this horror forgotten piece. Actually, that's a lie, I purposely buried it because seriously, the world does not need more pointless h/c from me. But eh, it's not that terrible. Possibly.

Title: Desperate Times
Pairing: None
Rating PG-13?
Warnings: Blood 'n violence!

Summary: No one had predicted a new adjutant would end up like this.

You and these men are running the largest sabotage ring in this state, and I want to know where. it. is!Collapse )

4/14/10 06:14 pm - rose_of_pollux - The Hollow Bastion, 3/?

And here's chapter 3!

Title: The Hollow Bastion, Chapter 3: Welcome to the Home by the Seine
Main Characters: LeBeau-centric, but features all Heroes, and perhaps some cameos later.
Rating: PG (for later trapdoor mayhem)
Summary: The investigation of the old house yields a few finds--but not all of them are good.

Crossposted elsewhere on LJ and on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5848416/3/

Welcome to the Home by the SeineCollapse )

4/13/10 10:01 pm - deana_l - Pic of the Day!

If Hogan and his Heroes were cats, who would they be? LOLOL

You're gonna love this, lol!Collapse )

4/10/10 12:58 am - rose_of_pollux - Hogan's Heroes roleplay-- anyone interested?

So, I was invited to RP as Newkirk in a new Hogan's Heroes RP, and I accepted, of course! We could use some more players-- Kinch and Carter are being temporarily RP'd by others, but are available for claiming (and there are openings for other minor allies-- Hogan and LeBeau are taken, though...), and we need players for Klink, Schultz, Burkhalter and some of the random baddies. Here's the character list, for anyone interested: http://hogansheroesroleplay.forumsland.com/hogansheroesroleplay-post-3.html#3

Anyone who wants to join the game, feel free to sign up.

(crossposted to my LJ)

4/6/10 05:51 pm - rose_of_pollux - A war-era fic from me? Who knew...?

I can't believe I wrote it, either. XD

Title: Peter and the Wolf
Main Characters: Peter Newkirk, the other Heroes, Schultz, Klink, Hochstetter
Rating: PG (for werewolf nonsense; nothing serious, though)
Summary: In reality, Newkirk had been planning this ever since he heard that the full moon would be falling on Halloween that year. Hogan just expanded the idea.

Crossposted elsewhere on LJ and on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5875622/1/

Peter and the WolfCollapse )

4/2/10 12:22 am - rose_of_pollux - The Hollow Bastion, part 2/?

And here's chapter 2!

Title: The Hollow Bastion, Chapter 2: Heir Apparent
Main Characters: LeBeau-centric, but features all Heroes, and perhaps some cameos later.
Rating: PG (for later trapdoor mayhem)
Summary: Post-series. The trip to the bank reveals some startling information as an old foe is apparently in contention with the Heroes.

Crossposted elsewhere on LJ and on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5848416/2/

Heir ApparentCollapse )

3/30/10 01:09 pm - kirarakim - Just Some Random Clips

I recently found a program (other than the unreliable Windows Movie Maker) to make clips and I posted a bunch of Hogan's Heroes scenes on youtube. I thought I would share them here. The clips mostly feature: Newkirk, Lebeau, Carter, Klink, and Hochstetter

Embedded Videos Behind the CutCollapse )

3/29/10 11:42 pm - deana_l - Pic of the Day!

Here we have Newkirk and LeBeau this time!

Ladies FirstCollapse )

3/28/10 07:20 pm - kirarakim - Larry Hovis & Richard Dawson Together Again

I apologize if this is sort of off topic but I thought people might be interested to know that according to an unofficial online schedules it will be Larry Hovis' week on Match Game 74 starting Thursday April 1st, 2010. They are doubling up the episodes so if the schedule is right he should be on April 1st, April 2nd and April 5th from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST on the Game Show Network. Dawson of course is also on the panel (but then he always is). I just thought it might be fun to see them together in a non-Hogan's Heroes setting. :)

But so this is not totally off topic here's a random screenshotCollapse )

3/28/10 12:35 am - rose_of_pollux - Fanfiction: The Hollow Bastion 1/?

Anyone up for an intriguing mystery fic?

Title: The Hollow Bastion, Chapter 1: An Old Friend You Just Met
Main Characters: LeBeau-centric, but features all Heroes, and perhaps some cameos later.
Rating: PG (for later trapdoor mayhem)
Summary: Post-series. The Heroes reunite a year after the war's end to solve the mystery of the vanished fortune of LeBeau's grandfather as they evade greedy treasure hunters and as long-lost secrets beneath the Parisian streets begin to reveal themselves. In this Chapter: Old friends reunite after nearly a year apart, and bring news that stuns LeBeau, leading to unanswered questions and a cause for the Heroes to investigate.

Crossposted elsewhere on LJ and on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5848416/1/

An Old Friend You Just MetCollapse )

3/23/10 11:22 pm - rose_of_pollux - New fan, new ficlit...

Hiya, I'm a new Hogan's Heroes fan... and here's my first work for the fandom!

Title: Change Doesn't Come Easily
Main Characters: Peter Newkirk, Louis LeBeau
Rating: PG (for mentions of the war)
Summary: Post-series, ficlit. Newkirk is finding it difficult making a living in post-war London. Perhaps a visit from an old friend can change his fortune. Friendship fic.

Crossposted elsewhere on LJ and on http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5839059/1/

Change Doesn't Come EasilyCollapse )

3/21/10 10:24 pm - deana_l - Pic of the Day!

Great pic of Newkirk and Carter! (I can't remember who made this screencap, but you know who you are! LOL!)
Wet Paint!Collapse )

3/19/10 03:41 pm - srubin5190 - Hogan's Heroes Fanfiction

Title: A Death in the Family, chapter one
Rating: PG
Originally posted on fanfic.net under my penname Snooky-9093


Read more...Collapse )


3/16/10 04:02 pm - alanahikarichan - [Marya, I just drew a girl named Marya]

A couple of pencil studies of Marya behind the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

3/10/10 10:31 pm - deana_l - Pic of the Day!

OMG Carter's expression is completely priceless in this screencap from Kim! ROTFL

Shocked!CarterCollapse )

3/1/10 03:31 pm - srubin5190 - Hogan's Heroes Fiction

Title: The Epiphany: A Missing Scene From "No Names Please"
Rating: G


The Epiphany: A Missing Scene from "No Names Please"Collapse )


2/26/10 11:06 pm - deana_l - Pic of the Day!

Here we go...this one is really funny. ROTFL!

Who Cut the CheeseCollapse )

2/26/10 11:01 am - kirarakim - Another Pic Spam

I did another pic spam at my journal. This one focusing on the episodes Swing Shift from season 2 & One Army at a Time from season 5. :)

Feel free to do whatever you guys want with the screencaps!

This is a Fake Cut

2/11/10 07:11 pm - alanahikarichan - Tiny, tiny fanart.

2/9/10 10:13 pm - seiberwing - I told you I'd make you a fic, Alana.

Title: The Night Train to Paris
Fandom: Hogan’s Heroes
Pairing: Marya/Tiger
Summary: Contains icky girls femmeslash.
Rating: PG for kissing and Marya being Marya.
Disclaimer: Hogan’s Heroes and its characters do not belong to me.
Author's Note: Many thanks go to athena_crikey for translating the French for me, she is awesome and you should read her stuff too. Crossposted to inthetunnels.

I think this might actually be the fandom's first femmeslash fic. It's certainly mine.Collapse )
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